“Three Day Kitchen Rehab… Custom Wood Refacing…”

If you want to have a brand new kitchen in as little as three to five days, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel… then here’s how I’ve helped over 1350 Minnesota homeowners and how I can help you too in 2021! Send us a note in the form below or simply call us at 763-444-1672 for your design consultation!

    We give you over 40 years of craftsmanship experience to guarantee you see a kitchen you are proud to have family and friends walk into.

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    Three Ways to Update Your Kitchen:


    We can help you update your kitchen in as little as one day with real wood refacing. We remove the older doors, drawers and hardware. Then, on the existing wood frame, we add a real wood veneer. After you choose your door style, we add real wood doors and include the soft close hinges and hidden hinges. This is all at a fraction of what a typical kitchen improvement would be. We are able to do this without touching countertops, or removing flooring.

    Design and Build

    We can design and build custom cabinets for your kitchen. We can also add islands, pantrys… and other customized features. For example, we can remove a desk and build you a new cabinet for that area. We can also take your boxes up to the ceiling or add space to accommodate a new refrigerator or vent.


    We can help you get a brand new look in your kitchen by painting. We have a selection of commercial grade paints and finishes if you have kids or pets or want to avoid scratches. This is a very fast option to give you the exact look you want if you like your layout and the type of cabinets you already have.

    • Add custom built features like an island… pantry… or alter existing cabinet dimensions to fit a refrigerator
    • Extend your boxes to the ceiling – without replacing them
    • ​Give you complete renderings of your project, so you know exactly what your kitchen will look like
    • Add or move cabinets, which means you get a new kitchen look – at a fraction of what you thought
    • ​Give you exact pricing, down to the penny – in writing for your project. (No “surprise” change orders)
    • We use custom components “Made in Minnesota” – we support local business excellence and growth
    • ​Select finishes with you which will look good for decades (Yes, there is a huge quality difference in paint and finishes)